FDI是什么意思 FDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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FDI是什么意思 FDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. FDI什么意义

  1. From the beginning of the opening-FDI是什么意思 FDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解up policy, China has already become one of the countries who absorb the most FDI in the world.


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  2. What`s the function and effects of the human capital as one of the means to absorb the diffusion of the advanced technology brought by FDI?


  3. It pays attention on the present condition of foreign— invested manufacturing industry from the aspect of distribution of output countries, geographical layout of FDI, means of investment and industrial pattern. What is more important is that this discourse also measures the direct and indirect effect of FDI on manufacturing industry in Jiangsu province. And it makes an experimental research on three effect of foreign — invested enterprises such as capital—forming effect, technological spillover effect and industrial cluster effect.


  4. FDI是什么意义

  4. In this study, we advance the literature by examining the effect of the diversity of FDI country origins on the productivity of domestic firms.


  5. We find that the diversity of FDI country origins in an industry has a positive relationship with the productivity of domestic firms in the industry.


  6. We propose that the diversity of FDI country origins can facilitate FDI spillovers by increasing the variety of technologies and management practices brought by foreign firms, to which domestic firms are exposed and that they can potentially utilize.


  7. Keywords: FDI spillovers, the diversity of FDI country origins, absorptive capacity, technology gap, emerging market.


  8. However, the result from the research showed that the positive and significant abnormal return could be happening if only FDI is implemented in developed countries.


  9. Subsequently, the positive impact on Chinas economy of Korean investment in China and its disadvantageous aspect is set forth objectively on the basis of the comparation to other source FDI.


  10. The regulations on FDI of our country should take accordance with the regulations of WTO. This paper mentions some suggestions on how to modify the regulations of FDI.


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  11. We got the following resuits:When the market size of the two country is the same and the transportation rate is zero, firm m will locate at the foreign country country if the import tariff rate of the home country is higher than that of the foreign country.


  12. Foreign Direct Investment has become one of the primary forms of capital inflow, especially in many developing countries.


  13. How to make the best use of FDIs positive functions and eliminate the negative ones?


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  14. FDI has been regarded as an important channel for technology diffusion.


  15. As the main body of FDI, Transnational Corporations is playing more and more important role in world economy.


  16. This paper builds a mold of two-stage and three-player dynamic game to analyze the influence of host countrys policy of the intellectual property right protection on FDI.


  17. In addition to the macro analysis, this paper analyzes the relation of...


  18. This paper uses regional panel data to investigate how FDI has contributed to China ` s regional development.


  19. South polar lights steel Co., Ltd. is a FDI enterprise that was established on December 31, 2002.The registered capital is 27 million US dollars.


  20. FDI

  20. South polar lights steel co., ltd. is a fdi enterprise that was established on december 31, 2002.the registered capital is 27 million us dollars.


FDI是什么意思 FDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解