HCD是什么意思 HCD在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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HCD是什么意思 HCD在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. HCD

  1. Results The titers of rAd reached 1010 PFU/ml and more than 95%B16-F10 cells could be infected by 20 MOIs rAd.


  2. In addition, the Exactive has the same HCD scanning capability of the LTQ-Orbitrap, but is a faster system, providing 10, 000 resolution at 10 scans per second, or 100, 000 resolution at 1 scan per second.


  3. HCD的道理

  3. RESULTS The gallstone formation rate was 100%when an animals were fed on high cholesterol diet, but in antilithic group, the rate decreased to 5.3%when fed on HCD with ACRC.

  结果 喂养高胆固醇饮食的致石组动物胆结石的爆发率为100%,而加用利胆溶石胶囊的防石组,成石率降至5.3%。

  4. By studying the relationship among discharge current, discharge voltage and air pressure, we find that the dc HCD operates in a special glow mode, which is an intergrade between normal and abnormal glow discharge.


  5. HCD

  5. As a interaction designer, these abbreviations are frequently seen and heard: HCD, UCD, ACD, ECD, GDD.


  6. HCD的翻译

  6. A programmable pulsed power supply of hollow cathode discharge tube (HCD) for optogalvanic spectroscopy is fabricated. The optogalvanic signal of transition 5L 6169007M 7 is measured.


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  7. Measurement of decay time constant of ground and metastable states of U atoms in a HCD lamp


  8. The effects of heat treatment and heat cycle on the SMA thin film of Ni 49.12% Ti formed by hollow cathode deposite (HCD) sputter deposition on glass substrates were studied.


  9. The present paper narrates the mechanical properties of TiN coating on high speed steel prepared by HCD ion plating which were studied with the aid of microhardness. measurement and scratch adhesion testing.


  10. HCD

  10. Population inversion between Ar + 4p and 4s levels was detected in the direct current hollow cathode discharge (HOD) of pure argon by laser-induced fluorescence measurement. Experimental data were obtained and analysed.

  本文报道愚弄激光感生荧光丈量门径正在纯氩直流空心阴极放电(HCD)中探测到Ar~+4p-4s态间存正在粒子HCD是什么意思 HCD在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解数反转,给出了试验数据,并作了相应阐明。

  11. HCD的道理

  11. The project was conducted to elucidate a key role for nitric oxide (NO) played during rice-Xanthomonas spp interactions by triggering hypersensitive cell death (HCD) and inducing defense genes.


  12. HCD的翻译

  12. ZnO: N film that was deposited by HCD with pure Zn in N2O atmosphere has good crystallization quality and doping N concentration, but the carrier concentration is only 6.5 × 1011cm-3.Its conductivity type is n-type.


  13. Objective To investigate whether high cholesterol diet (HCD) can cause gallbladder cholesterol calculus and to probe into the mechanism of its influence on gallbladder motility function.


  14. HCD的阐明

  14. Then the system of software driver is presented through the reference of Linux USB subsystem, and the code of USBD layer and HCD layer is described in detail. In the last the flow of implementation for software code is expatiated.


  15. The Transmission Electron Microscopic Investigation on the Structure and Phase Structure of the Magnetron-Sputtering Ion-Plating Films Ionic Nitriding Process in HCD Apparatus


  16. HCD

  16. Harpin protein is nonspecific protein elicitor coded by hrp genes of plant pathogen, and it can elicit hypersensitive cell death (HCD) in nonhost plants and induce resistance to pathogens in many plants.


  17. In addition, as my previous work, the emission spectra of He plasma were measured by using three kinds of experiment devices: Dielectric Barrier Discharge, HCD and Penning Discharge.


  18. The Corrosion Resistant Coating of Precision Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnets by HCD Processing


  19. But for an effective design purpose, the HCD methodology is not frequently used for its low productivity and also much more useless deliveries than the UCD.


  20. This review outline the progress of predicting or homology-modeling the three-dimensional structure of the functional domain of the extracellular region of hCD 126. Recent advances on the study of CD 126 - ligand interaction and the structure-activity relationship analysis were also summarized in this paper


HCD是什么意思 HCD在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解