GTalk是什么意思 GTalk在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译

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GTalk是什么意思 GTalk在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译

  1. By default there is no option of making the status in GTalk as idle.


  2. I was in pain to see the same very very simple theme in Gtalk, now got to work on it.

  我正在悲伤地看到,同样的绝顶绝顶轻易的重心,Gtalk ,现正在得作事。

  3. Collaborate with your team members with your own branded Gtalk, shared documents and shared calendering.

  与您我方的品牌第偶然GTalk是什么意思 GTalk在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译间共享文献,共享压延您的团队成员。

  4. GTalk什么趣味

  4. Free International Calls from PC to Phone with Google Talk and Talkster (GTalk-to-VoIP)免费邦际长途电话从PC得手机, 与Google Talk和talkster ( gtalk到VoIP )的 Free international calling service is hard to come by, after all, commercial telephone companies or phone communication operators need to pay connection fee to receiving called party`s providers no matter the calls are made to land line, cell phone or satellite phone, and regardless of it`sa trunk, toll or VoIP calls.


  5. You can get all mails, calenders, GTalk on your mobile phone if you have a supporting handset.

  你可能取得全面电子邮件,calenders ,GTalk正在您的手机假如您有一个扶助的手机。

  6. I too love the Gtalk notifier like you do..


  7. GTalk正在线翻译

  7. Tell from some kind of meaning, google marchs the network empire that game line of business accords with it is politic, because arrive by force, certain level has the power that release with respect to affirmative meeting, GTalk, gmail, google Earth, google Maps is waited a moment, emerge in endlessly, the product that pattern renovates, the develop malleability play Google gets incisively and vividly, the occurrence of Chrome again confirm that word -- Google should become all-pervasive champion.

  从某种意思上讲,Google进军逛戏业合适它的收集帝邦战术,由于强到肯定水平就确信会有开释的力气,GTalk,Gmail,Google Earth,Google Maps等等,屡见不鲜、技俩翻新的产物,把Google的拓展性阐扬得形容尽致,Chrome的显露再次印证了那句话——Google要做万能冠军。

  8. Finally, according to the real-time and safety of communication information, give the mobile communication test results of Gtalk client.


  9. In the end of this thesis, applying to architecture, an instant messaging software named Gtalk is developed, and the applicability of the framework is confirmed.


  10. Today, there are various ways of communication on the network, such as IM communication software-QQ, Gtalk, MSN, SNS dating community.


  11. Various of Instant Messaging (IM) products emerge in an endless stream, especially like QQ, MSN, GTALK and so on.


  12. In the last, the paper verifies the feasibility of the two hiding information methods with Gtalk voice stream as hiding carriers.


GTalk是什么意思 GTalk在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译