HCP是什么意思 HCP在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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HCP是什么意思 HCP在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. The results indicate that when ammonium sulfate concentration increase, the content of cobalt in the film increase, whereas the content of nickel and phosphorus in the film decrease, the microstructure convert from hcp α-Co solid solution to fcc β-Co solid solution, the parallel coercivity increase remarkably, however the squareness ratio change slightly.


  2. The results show that the cobalt nanoparticles consist of hcp phase and the average size is about 50 nm.


  3. Fluent in English for easy communication in the HCP group.


  4. HCP什么乐趣

  4. Thus the establishment of dilutional linearity is a most critical experiment in the development and validation of HCP assays.


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  5. Objective To observe the clinical effect of HCP T treatment on advanced gastroenteric tract tumors.

  主意 伺探羟基喜树碱对晚期胃肠道恶性肿瘤医疗成绩。

  6. Show 12 to 15 HCP was simply too wide.


  7. Pressure effects on the Cauchy relations and the normalized elastic constants of hcp lithium are also discussed in this paper.


  8. To lack of fits, while hands with very few HCP grow astonishingly in


  9. HCP

  9. K of metallic hydrogen with HCP structure.

  数值阴谋剖明,铅的λ=1 。488,Tc=6 。5 0K ,而具有HCP机合的金属氢的的λ=1 。848,Tc=

  10. HCP的讲明

  10. The structural evolution properties of transition metal clusters containing from 13 to 60000 atoms are investigated by means of the Gupta potential combined with the steepest descent method. Four typical structural motifs are considered: icosahedron, decahedron, face centered cubic octahedron, and hexagonal close-packed.


  11. C a single raise is moderately constructive when responding with a weaker fitting hand, bid one notrump planning to rebid two of the major, a sequence that could also show 6-9 HCP and a doubleton fit

  c方便加叫为中度机合性当持弱牌的声援时,可先应叫1NT然后正在二阶叫回原开叫高花,若持6-9 HCP的双张声援也可用同样的叫法来吐露

  12. The combined water of HCP is equal to the one of hydrosilicate and hydroaluminate plus the one of Ca 〓 crystalline which is produced when hydration (named CH-water).


  13. A new type of intelligent control system for gas cooker s based on MC68HCP08GZ32 is introduced.


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  14. But because magnesium has hcp crystal structure, slip system is little, plastic deformation is hard.


  15. Among other special features of AWR-600WK - DHCP- server, the possibility of remote control through web- interface, the presence of protection, in number of which 64 - and 128- bit coding WEP, Wi-Fi protected access pre-Shared key (WPA-PSK and WPA2 PSK), firewallwith the package filtration (Stateful packet inspection, SPI).

  除其他奇特功效的awr - 600wk -D HCP的效劳器,不妨通过长途把持的搜集界面,正在场的庇护HCP是什么意思 HCP在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解,正在此中极少6 4- 12 8-位编码的WE P ,Wi - Fi庇护接入预共享密钥(的WPA的PSK和WPA2的PSK ),防火墙与包过滤(形态数据包检测,SPI )的。

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  16. Results Clinical manifestations of the HCP included:①symptoms of otomastoiditis; ②symptoms of Gradenigos syndr...


  17. Study shows that monolithic TiB〓 film deposited under 350℃ crystallize in close-packed hexagonal structure. Due to the same lattice-site configuration of T1B2 (0001) and TiN (111) plane and their similar unit vector, in TiB〓/SiO〓 multilayer, TiB〓 layers can also force SiO〓 to crystallize as a pseudocrystal structure and grow coherently when SiO〓 layer thickness is less than 1.4nm.


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  18. We attribute this to phase transformation facilitated bynucleation around stacking faults. Our proposal is supported by internal frictionmeasurements on films, which confirmed the presence of this secondary transition, and by X-ray diffraction, which detected an hcp structure within the fcc lattice of C60at room temperature.


  19. The present study shows that fcc→hcp phase transformation has occurred in some grains and might be originated from grain boundary.


  20. It is not uncommon in HCP assays for some samples to have certain HCPs in concentrations exceeding the amount of antibody for that particular HCP.


HCP是什么意思 HCP在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解