525是什么意思 525在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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525是什么意思 525在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. Results Among 3164 subjects, the prevalence of MS was 10.9%(345/3164), 525 cases (16.5%) were diagnosed as NAFLD.

  结果 3164成人中代谢归纳征345例(10.9%),NAFLD 525例(16.5%)。

  2. I decided to write a program on my old Jornada 525 Pocket PC to send the correct codes to the TV using the IR port.


  3. Objective To study the content of uric acid in serum, to screen the uricemia patients, and to avoid the diseases caused by uricemia. Methods An enzymetic colorimetric method was used to determine uric acid of 2525 middle school students in Shanghai.

  主意 相识中学生血清尿酸含量,以便尽早发明高尿酸血症患者,避免由此惹起的疾病方式采用酶比色法,利用日立-7150型全自愿生化阐述仪上对上海市2 525名中学生的空肚血清举行尿酸测定。

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  4. Of Qian of an ancient type of spoon of ⒌ of Sui of an ancient type of spoon of department ancienting name for a water catltrop to wear not easy electric conduction (like leather shoes and glue bottom shoe) etc.

  打击征象一台Addonics D-525I型CDROM光驱,开机后,前面板指示灯亮一会后熄灭,放一张正在其余光驱中可寻常读出的CD-ROM盘片到该光驱后,该光驱不行读出盘片上的目次及实质。

  5. AIM to investigate-Hp and CagA+ Hp infecticn in persons with different age and the relationship between the infection and stomach diseases and stomach carcinoma by serum epidemic survey of the infection of Hp and CagA+ Hp in the city and country of Xian where the incidance of stomach carcinoma is very high. METHODS A natural population of 2134 and 525 patients with stomach diseases living in the city and country of Xian were surveyed.

  摘 要:主意对胃病高发区的西安地域都市及村庄自然人群Hp及陶染情形举行血清流通病学观察,以期相识各年事段Hp及CagA-Hp陶染情形以及与胃癌等胃疾病的闭联。

  6. It had a.875 bore and stroke and displaced.525 cubic inches.

  它有一个0.875 口径和中风和流离转徙0.525立方英寸。

  7. Fengning county, 15 km north-west, tree height 8 meters, 3.5 meters Shu Wai, an area covering 525 square meters, the 9-song dangerous, winding Zhuangruo Kowloon play, it was the name.


  8. In the next three years 3, 500, 000, 000, 000 yuan investment in railways, bridges, roadbed, track and rolling stock to buy more or less the size of investment for 8750 to 1, 225, 000, 000, 000 yuan, 525, 000, 000, 000 yuan to 3500, 2450 and 3500~350, 000, 000, 000 yuan Billion.


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  9. This District will extend to Industrial New City in the east, Shilonglin Scenic Area in the south, Hekou Road and Fuying Road in the west and No.


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  10. Rifle Corps (220, 352 Rifle Division), 71 Rifle Corps (88, 192, 331 Rifle Division), 113 Rifle Corps (62, 174 Rifle Division), 173 Rifle Division 140 Gun Artillery Brigade, 392, 570 Corps Gun Artillery Regiment, 83 Guards Howitzer Artillery Regiment, 43 Antitank Artillery Brigade, 529 Antitank Artillery Regiment, 549 Mortar Regiment, 74 Guards Mortar Regiment, 2 Separate Artillery Observation Balloon Battalion, 66 Antiaircraft Artillery Division (1981, 1985, 1989, 1993 Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment), 1275, 1478, 1481 Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment, 525 Separate Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion 213 Tank Brigade, 926, 927, 959, 1445 Self-propelled Gun Regiment, 52 Separate Armored Train Battalion


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  11. The Cre gene was cloned from lysogen BM25.8 by PCR. The Cre gene was then inserted in between the CaMV35S-35S double promtor and Nos terminator of PBI525 plasmid after sequencing. The expression box was cut down and inserted into plasmid pBINPLUS to obtain the final fertility-restoring expression vector pBINPLUSCre.

  PCR方式从溶原菌BM25.8基因组DNA扩增出Cre基因,克隆测序验证无误后插入PBI525 CaMV35S-35S双启动子和Nos终止子之间,再将外达盒切下插入pBINPLUS质粒相应位点,获得克复基因植物外达载体pBINPLUSCre。

  12. Methods: 525 patients with bengin prostate hyperplasia were treated by PKRP using the Gyrus-Plasma Kinetic System. Results: Operation time was 48 minutes.

  采用英邦Gyrus公司供应的等离子体双极切割编制(Gyrus-Plasma Kinetic System,PKS),行经尿道前线腺切除术525例。

  13. The reliability of the map was verified using different strategies including DNA marker screening and clone end-sequence alignment.

  结果注明,此物理图谱中共包蕴了579个BAC/BIBAC克隆构成的叠连群,它们的总物理隔断为525 Mb。

  14. The results showed that the maximum increment of rape was 1564 kg/hm^2, 676 kg/hm^2 and 305 kg/hm^2, respectively, the increasing rate was 110.8%, 32.3% and 12.4%, respectively, and the net income per hectare increased by 3925 yuan, 1274 yuan and 525 yuan, respectively by the treatment of N3P2K2, N2P3K2 and N2P2K1, respectively.

  结果注明:油菜施用氮肥恶果最好,油菜最大增产量达1564 kg/hm^2,增产率110.8%,纯收入扩充3925元/hm^2;施用磷肥的最大增产量为676 kg/hm^2,增产率32.3%,纯收入扩充1274元/hm^2;施用钾肥的最大增产量为305 kg/hm^2,增产率12.4%,纯收入扩充525元/hm^2。

  15. Clones of a 16S rDNA gene library were randomly selected and their sequences were phylogenetically analyzed. 46 of them (92%) was determined belonging to Methanogenium with similarities to Methanogenium marinum strain AK-1 between 99% to 100%; 3 clones (6%), KD525, KD526, and KD567, belonging to Methanoculleus with similarities 99% to Methanoculleus sp.

  随机阐述文库中50个克隆的16S rDNA基因序列,结果发明,此中46个克隆属于产甲烷菌属,与Methanogenium marinum strain AK-1菌株的彷佛性为99%-100%,占总数的92%; 3个克隆(KD525、KD526和KD567)属于甲烷袋状菌属,与Methanoculleus sp。

  16. According to this research, we found: 1. The masking effect of 500Hz48.525±1.205dB(A is higher than 2kHz36.759±2.588dB(A, while the error score of 2kHz sound is relatively high; 2. Both moving velocity of two sound sources (500、2kHz) have significant difference to sound interference (p<0.0013.When time duration is fixed on central position of masking sound, 16o/s has higher masking ability to sound, while the masking ability of 16o/s falls significantly 500Hz:40.00dB(A; 2kHz:31.29dB if time duration is fixed on the start of masking sound; 4. When frequency is 2kHz and time duration is fixed on the central position of masking sound, 40~56o/s would become key range of sensation ability. We also propose the forecast formula for moving speed to sound masking level in accordance with experiment result; 5. By using loudspeaker arrays to simulate moving sound source, we found the minimum overlap scope of 500Hz is 4ms and the rise/decay is 2ms respectively; minimum overlap scope between 2kHz is 7ms and the rise/decay is 4ms respectively. Accordingly, it confirms that said simulation approach has better sound localization sensitivities.

  筹议发明,1、500Hz48.525±1.205dB(A的隐瞒效应高於2kHz36.759±2.588dB(A,但2kHz语音之错听率却相对较高;2、两声源(500、2kHz)转移速度对於语音的作对均有明显区别(p<0.001);3、语音发音工夫固定於隐瞒音之正核心位子时,16o/s对於语音的隐瞒才能较大500Hz:44.54dB(A;2kHz:38.71dB,而语音发音工夫固定於隐瞒音之肇始点时,16o/s之隐瞒才能昭彰低落500Hz:40.00dB(A;2kHz:31.29dB;4、当频率为2kHz、语音发音工夫固定於隐瞒音之正核心位子时,40~56o/s为改良感知才能之闭节领域,并凭据试验结果,提出转移速度对於语音隐瞒525是什么意思 525在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解水平的预测公式;5、以扬声器阵列法模仿转移性声源,已寻得500Hz最小涵盖领域为4ms,淡入/出工夫为2ms;2kHz声源间最小涵盖领域为7ms,淡入/出工夫为4ms,并说明该模仿方法具有较佳之声源定位才能。

  17. Hence I will excite thir minds With more desire to know, and to reject Envious commands, invented with designe To keep them low whom knowledge might exalt [525] Equal with Gods; aspiring to be such, They taste and die: what likelier can ensue?


  18. Book of Changes Gao Heng Chuan Jinan this Note: Qilushushe, 1979608, 586, 583, 469-470, 591, 524-525 it is said that witch with the gods through their piety, worship, Zanzo been able to get the gods of the gods of yarrow for Shì account. Zhouguan.

  高亨 周易大传今注济南:齐鲁书社,1979 608,586,583,469-470,591,524-525)这是说巫通过我方与对神虔敬、星期,赞佐神明而得以获得蓍草的神灵性以举行筮占。

  19. Below Zhou foot=23.1cm; Qin foot=23.1cm; Han foot=23.1cm; Han foot=23cm, 23.8cm; San Guowei foot=23.8cm, 24.3cm; Western Jin-foot=23.1cm, 24.3cm; Eastern foot=24.5 cm; Song foot=24.7cm, 25.8cm; South beam scale=24.5-24.9cm; Wei foot=28.0cm, 30.9cm; Sui foot=29.6cm; Tang foot=29.97cm, 30.2cm, 30.7cm; Five feet=23.7cm; Song wooden foot=32.9cm; , Song of copper foot=31.4cm, 31.6cm; per foot=30.7cm, 31.68cm; Ming quantities foot=32.6cm, clear wood foot=31.1cm, 31.78cm, Ming Observatory Copper feet=24.525cm, Ming precept feet=34.1cm; clear wood to create a foot=31.1cm, 32cm, clear precept feet=35cm, 35.2cm.

  下同 周尺=23.1cm;秦尺=23.1cm;西汉尺=23.1cm;东汉尺=23cm、23.8cm;三邦魏尺=23.8cm、24.3cm;西晋尺=23.1cm、24.3cm;东晋尺=24.5cm;南宋尺=24.7cm、25.8cm;南梁尺=24.5-24.9cm;北魏尺=28.0cm、30.9cm;隋尺=29.6cm;唐尺=29.97cm、30.2cm、30.7cm;五代尺=23.7cm;宋代木尺=32.9cm;、宋代铜尺=31.4cm、31.6cm;元尺=30.7cm、31.68cm;明代量地尺=32.6cm,明木匠尺=31.1cm、31.78cm,来日文台铜尺=24.525cm,明裁衣尺=34.1cm;清木匠营制尺=31.1cm、32cm,清裁衣尺=35cm、35.2cm。

  20. The middle and small breed dogs were clustered at first; German Sheepdog, Swedish Elkhound, and Black Russian Terrier were clustered into one group, and the Tibetan Mastiff, Old English Sheepdog, Leonberger, and Saint Bernard were clustered in another group.


525是什么意思 525在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解