681是什么意思 681在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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681是什么意思 681在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. From UCP600 - UCP 600 articles 19-23, sub-articles 14 and 14; ISBP 681 paragraphs 72, 95 and 138

  相闭UCP600第19 - 23条,第14条件和第14条件;ISBP681第72、95和136段

  2. 681

  2. Stone usually to be made into slabs: Shanxi Black、Baltic Brown、Café Imperial、China Green、Baltic Grown、Tan Brown、Giallo Ornamental、Giallo Fiorito、Giallo Veneziano、Butterfly Green、leopard skin、G687、G681、Maple Red、Tropic Brown、Chrysan Yellow、Blue Pearl、Emerald Pearl、Desert Brown、China Black、Ice Blue、Santa Cecilia、Verde Ubatuba、Black Galaxy、Impala Black、Maple Red.


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  3. The full-length cDNA of MnSOD consisted of 1207 bp with a 681 bp ORF encoding 226 amino acids.


  4. We believe that the third wave could have ended at $1, 033 and the fourth wave that we have been tracking could have ended at $681 and fifth wave impulse in progress.


  5. The BAF-CMF technology was applied in municipal wastewater recycle in Harbin generate electricity plant with unit investment:1482.52$/t and unit operation cost:


  6. Methods The recombinant fowl pox virus transfer vector pSY681-gD-LacZ carrying gD gene of ILTV HNCG strain was transfected to chick embryo fibroblast infected with FPV-017 strain, then recombinant FPV was purified by blue plaque screening and identified by PCR and indirect IFA.


  7. RESULTS Type 1 diabetes was diagnosed in 681 children during 4, 720, 517 person-years of follow-up.

  结果正在 4720517 人-年的随访时候,681 例儿童被诊断为 1 型糖尿病。

  8. 681 This is the most fully-automated factory we h***e.


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  9. Like when you see a knife with all 681 functions opened up, youre terrified.


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  10. Nvidia has also doubled the number of transistors per chip to 681 million.


  11. A farmer from the state of Rhode Island recently won a competition with a pumpkin that weighed 681 kilograms.


  12. A farmer from the state of Rhode Island recently won a competition with the pumpkin that weighted 681 kilograms.


  13. Another Rhode Islander Ron Wallace, grew last years champion, that one weigh ed at six hundred eighty - one kilograms.

  另一名罗德州人Ron Wallace所种的拿到了客岁的冠军,重达681kg。

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  14. For ferry purposes auxiliary tanks could be fitted to increase fuel capacity to 681 litres.


  15. The copper atom is in a planar coordination site of [N_2O_2] and it devites from the mean plane by only 0.80 pm. Byπ-πstacking interactions, a alabastrine structure was obtained.(2)Schiff-base complex [Cu(H_2O)]·H_2O, where H3GS is the 3-carboxyl -salicylidene glycine, was synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectra and single-crystal analysis. The crystal belongs to monoclinic system, space group P2(1)/c, a=848.46(3)pm, b=681.54(3)pm, c=1967.16(8)pm, β=95.8210(10)°, Z=4, R_1=0.0279, wR_2=0.0724. The copper atom is in a square-pyramidal field with the base

  结果说明该晶系属单斜晶系,空间群P2(1)/c,晶胞参数:a=848.46(3)pm,b=681.54(3)pm,c=1967.16(8)pm,α=90°,β=95.8210(10)°,γ=90°,Z=4,R_1=0.0279,wR_2=0.0724,Cu原子位于微小变形的四方锥场底心,681是什么意思 681在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解底面被氮原子、酚氧原子、甘氨酸羧基的一个氧原子和一个水分子氧原子盘踞,而甘氨酸羧基的另一个氧原子盘踞相邻分子的锥顶,所以酿成一维链状布局;合成了单核双聚配合物Na_2[Cu_2_2]·2H_2O ,铜三核配合物Cu_3_2·5H_2O和铜锌异三核配合物ZnCu_2_2·5H_2O,并用元素阐发,IR光谱,电子光谱和磁化率测定对配合物的组

  16. In terms of=with regard to; respectively

  遵从,遵循,正在。。方面 681。

  17. As a result, the author points out that the rapid revenue growth higher than that of GDP is quite normal and it is resulted from the following factors such as taxation reform, the constant growth of macroscopic tax burden, the different price reckoning methods of GDP and tax revenue, the upgrading of industry structure and the strengthening of tax collection and administration, etc.

  外1 1994—2005年内蒙古GDP与税收收入增加情景及联系数据估量外年份GDPGDP逐年增加按可比价值估量GDP逐年增加按现价价值估量税收收入税收收入逐年增加税收收入占GDP的比重1994 681·83 10·10 28

  18. In contract with that of fixed strains, the amino acid on position 672, 681 and 745 of L protein in MRV, DRV were different, polymerase activity module of L gene is comparatively conserved, thus it is propitious to the stabilization of polymerase activity.


  19. This research surveyed the main flower fields of Yunnan Province in 2008. One sample with concentric rings spots and necrosis spots symptom was collected from Phalaenopsis amabilis in Kunming. By the biological techniques, electron microscope and ImmuStrip Test, it was confirmed that the plant was infected by Impatiens necrotic spot virus, belong to Tospovirus. Four pairs primers was used for RT-PCR, clone and sequencing, 886 nts nucleic acid sequence of nucleocapsid protein, 681 nts nucleic acid sequence of non-structure protein in RNA M and 1048 nts fragment of RNA-dependent RNA polymerasewere

  运用生物测定,贯串摩登电镜本领、免疫试纸条检测本领发轫确定为番茄斑萎病毒属的凤仙花坏死斑病毒(Impaliens necrotic spot virus,INSV),通过计划的4 对引物举行RT-PCR扩增和测序,获取核壳体卵白基因核酸长度为886 nts,RNA M 编码的非布局卵白(Nonstructure protein,NSm)基因核酸长度为681 nts,依赖于RNA 的RNA 荟萃酶基因核酸长度为1 048 nts,测序结果正在NCBI BLAST 收集数据库中比对,同时运用生物消息软件DNAman 比对,其与INSV的同源性都达90%以上,都声明星散到的病原物为凤仙花坏死斑病毒。

  20. Results:⑴II, ID and DD genotypic frequency of ACE gene I...


681是什么意思 681在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解