HDI是什么意思 HDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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HDI是什么意思 HDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. Production and test equipment companies all use the industry recognized high-precision equipment, machine minimum diameter of 0.3 mm (10mil), the minimum line width of 0.1 mm (4mil), the 20-storey high-rise Multilayer PCB and 1 N 1 type of HDI Products.

  公司分娩和测试筑造统共采用行业内公认的高精度装置,可加工最小孔径 0.3 ㎜( 10mil ),最小线宽 0.1 ㎜( 4mil ),最高层数 20 层的众层板及 1+N+1 类型的 HDI 产物。

  2. HDI正在线翻译

  2. Results The main injury characteristics of HDI were as follows: scalp contusion, cranial fracture, epidural hematoma, subdural hematoma and cerebral contusion at impact position; subdural hematoma, basal fracture and cerebral contusion at contrecoup site; skull fracture mainly at impact position, subdural hematoma mainly at contrecoup site, subarachnoid hemorrhage mainly at the base of brain and cerebral contusion regions; severe contrecoup injury at frontal and temporal lobe.

  结果 颅脑减速伤毁伤的苛重特色为:撞击部位头皮毁伤、颅盖骨折、硬膜外血肿、硬膜下血肿和脑挫裂伤,对冲部位硬膜下血肿、颅底骨折和脑挫裂伤;颅骨骨折以撞击部位众睹,硬膜下血肿以对冲部位众睹,蛛网膜下腔出血苛重位于脑底部及脑挫裂伤区;额、颞叶紧要对冲伤是常睹颅脑减速伤的主要特色。

  3. HDI正在线翻译

  3. The inhibitory effects of HDI on proliferation of HL-60 cells were observed by MTT assay. The HDI是什么意思 HDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 positive rate of cell apoptosis and the surface marker of granulocytic differentiation (CD33 and CD15) were measured by flow cytometry. The expressions of anti-apoptosis related gene (survivin and bcl-2) were detected by RT-PCR.

  以白血病HL-60细胞株为靶细胞,采用MTT法调查差异浓度的HDI对HL-60细胞增殖的影响;用流式细胞术和DNA Ladder调查细胞凋亡、以及粒系细胞分裂的外貌标识(CD33、CD15)外达;RT-PCR检测HDI对survivin、bcl-2基因外达的影响。

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  4. Equipped with two HDi engines, Hoggar is however capable of being driven using just one of these engines.

  Hoggar 装置了两部HDi引擎,也可能通过个中大肆一个引擎驱动。

  5. Methods: HDI-3000 Color Digital Doppler System was used to examine one hundred normal Tibetan childrens blood velocities and cardiac functions.


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  6. At the same time, influence of HDI Hexamethylence Diisocyanate on the cross-linking level was studied.


  7. More powerful options are offered by the 2 litre HDi unit, providing a choice of 90bhp or 110bhp thanks to differences in the engine management.


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  8. More powerful o pt ions are offered by the 2 litre HDi unit, providing a choice of 90bhp or 110bhp thanks to differences in the engine management.


  9. In addition, diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol and propylene glycol as solvent and diethanolamine as the catalyst was used in the glycolysis of PU foams. The glycolysis products were blended with PMDI and Desmodur N to prepare the PU foams. The feasibility of PU foams made from the glycolysis products and their properties were investigated, too.

  另使用二乙二醇、乙二醇及丙二醇为溶剂,二乙醇胺为催化剂,对此PU发泡体举行醇解响应,并进一步使用此醇解产品做为接收众元醇原料,探究其与PMDI及1,6-六亚甲基-二异氰酸酯(Hexamethylene diisocyanate; HDI)之三集中体两种异氰酸酯响应再制作发泡体之可行性。

  10. In this paper, waterborne polyurethane curing agent was synthesized, based on HDI tripolymer and waterborne hydroxy-terminated polyether, and was compared with other curing agent widely used.


  11. In ternary system of PGA/POH and HDI isocyanurate, there are twomain reactions: one forms urethane at 30-50℃, the other producesoxazolidone at 140-165℃.


  12. Commodities Control Center of the introduction of advanced intelligent XGB-2000 brightness meter, USA HDI production flexibility detector, as well as the MA45 Germany Sartorius moisture meter, YLA-2000 fat analyzer, KDIV-04L fixed nitrogen Miriam, unilever Ko UV-2102PC spectrophotometer and so on, to solve a series of impact on quality of surimi products, steadily improve product quality, and maintain the industry-leading level of technology.


  13. The 308 SE Hdi 110 EGC sports cutting edge technology in the form of its new electronic gear box control.


  14. Another distinctive merit is that the impactstrength of the resins is several to ten odd times greater than that of PS, the bestone is MES/HDI trimer resin, whose Charpy Strength is 50kgcm/cm〓.

  该编制树脂的进攻强度特地精良,平常比PS高几倍~十几倍,个中MES/HDI trimer的进攻强度抵达50kgcm/〓。

  15. HDI and its derivatives are used in coatings, elastomers and in applications that require stiff resistance, lightweight and stability in outdoor environments.


  16. A scatter diagram (Figure 1) shows that there is no identifiable relationship between levels of public spending and HDI.


  17. Under the bonnet, the 208bhp 2.7-litre V6 HDi diesel engine is coupled with a particulate filter and is able to run on bio-diesel.

  正在车罩下面,208匹马力、2.7升排量的 V6高压共轨直喷柴油动员机毗连着一个微粒过滤器,而且不妨利用生物柴油。

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  18. By use of titration analysis, the thesis investigated various factors such as isocyanate, PE molecular weight, reacting substance molecular ratio, reacting temperature and time etc. influencing upon prepolymerization step. It was found that 2, 4-tolulene diisocyanate and 4, 4diphenylmethane diisocyanate is more rapidly reacted with PE600 than HDI. With PE molecular weight increasing, the reacting temperature or time should be raised or extended relevantly. Thus PE2000+2HDI pre-polymerization should be better carried out under some catalyst, for example, Triethylene diamine, Dibutyltin dilaurate and Tin octoate were used.


  19. At present, more than 200 employees, has production capacity of laminates 30, 1:13 aperture ratio to achieve the highest and second-order with the production of HDI technology; and thick, thick copper, mix board, the board high-frequency, high TG board, High-precision impedance board has a wealth of experience in production.


  20. The company employees 200 people, has a production capacity of 30 laminates, the maximum aperture ratio to 1:16, and third-order with HDI production technology; and thick, thick copper, mixed clips, high-frequency boards, high-TG, High-precision impedance board has rich experience in production.


HDI是什么意思 HDI在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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