1608是什么意思 1608在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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1608是什么意思 1608在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

  1. 1608

  1. Results In 2313 students, 1608 students had degenerative myopia in past three years.

  结果 2 3 1 3名初高中生 3年中近视发达者 1 60 8名,占 69.5 2 %。

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  2. Organic production and processing for the Japanese market, as part of the Japanese Agricultural Standards is regulated by the Notifications No.


  3. In case of 8-bit pull-up resistors/termination resistors, if footprint area needed for 8 chip resistors(1608 size) is considered as 100%, area requirement is only 8 for 2 chip network resistors CN1J4 (with 4 elements) and 45% for one CND1J10 (with bussed 8 elements).

  假使八个分辨的上拉/终端电阻(1608封装)的管脚布线面积以为是100%的话,8的电阻只须要两片搜集电阻 CN1J4(4个电阻),而用 CND1J10(8的电阻)的话,面积只是分辨电阻的45%。

  4. The Timon of Athens (1607-1608) contains the well-known passage on the.corrupting.influence of gold


  5. To 1610, the famous scientist Galileo aid of a telescope and found that the topography of the lunar surface bumpy, Canggu gorgeous, shaded part is widely distributed on the sea, while the reflected sunlight is a strong part of the lunar surface of the highlands, the moon the surface covered with craters.


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  6. The reign Of Elizabeth I(1558—1603)was a period Of political and religious stability On the one hand and economic prosperity on the other.


  7. 1608的诠释

  7. For example, the golf club that appeared in 1608 in Britain was one of the earliest sports clubs.


  8. Error 1608 is usually not serious and may be viewed as notification that a client process no longer exists.


  9. The LCUs stationed at Palau only need 1608 support units so they are in good shape.


  10. The city began in 1608 as a fort established3 by a French explorer.


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  11. Last year, the Nanjing area of land operated average unit land price 1608 yuan per square meter.

  客1608是什么意思 1608在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的岁,南京区域的土地谋划的均匀单元地价一千六百零八元每平方米。

  12. Italian mathematician and physicist who invented the mercury barometer.


  13. His visit opened up the area to European settlement along the Anacostia River a few years later.

  过去,这个区域较为人所知的名字是Nacochtank,它是Necostan或Anacostan印地安人的假寓地;住正在这儿的印地安人糊口过的很好,他们依这条河内源源不断的鱼儿维生。1608年时,第一个拜访此处的欧洲探险家是约翰史密斯上尉([size=+0]Captain John Smith ,因其与印地安公主 [size=+0]Pocahontas 的故事而为人所知),这个地方因他的拜访而开启,几年后,欧洲人起初沿着阿纳卡斯蒂亚河创筑殖民地。

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  14. Quotation from British clergyman and writer Thomas Fuller (1608-1661).


  15. 1608是什么兴味

  15. It produces 30 million induction coils every month, including TP(32, 42, 43, 54, 73, 75, 104, 105 model)SMD Power Inductors; TPH/TPHA/TPB(73, 74, 105, 124, 125, 127 model)SMD Power Inductors; TPP (1608, 3316, 3340 model) SMD SMD Power Inductors; TW (453232, 322522, 252018 model)Wire Wound ferrite Chiip Inductiors; FB/FC (0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 model) Ferrite chip inductors and Ferrite chip beads; TCN (0204, 0307, 0410, 0510 model) Conformal Inductors; TPK (0406-1608model) induction and other 80 series and more than 1000 norms SMD surface stick-on mounting and plug-in mounting induction coils.

  公司月坐蓐电感器3000众万颗。苛重产物有:TP(32、42、43、54、73、75、104、105型)功率贴片电感器;TPH/TPHA/TPB(73、74、105、124、125、127型)功率贴片电感器;TPP(1608、3316、3340型)功率贴片电感器;TW(453232、322522、252018型)系列绕线式贴片电感; FB/FC(0402、0603、0805、1206型)上下频迭层电感和磁珠等片式电感器;TCN(0204、0307、0410、0510型)色环电感器;TPK(0406-1608型)电感器…等80众个系列,1000众个规格的各式SMD外貌贴装和插装电感器。

  16. By1680, the first story about a rabbit laying eggs and hiding them in a garden was published.


  17. Use of ISO 1608 (measuring method of Vapour Vacuum Pump performance) international standard will bring a comparison between the performance of Vapour Vacuum Pump made in our country and that of advanced product abroad, therefore it will promote vacuum technology to make progress.


  18. 1608的翻译

  18. After the telescope was invented in1608, the astronomical telescope was firstly seed to observe variable celestial objects by the Italian famous scientist, Galileo galilei, in1609, a number of important discoveries were made soon, and a new era for astronomical observations and studies ushered in.


  19. They believe the holes were once filled with wood columns that supported the forts first church, built in1608.


  20. The Scrooby group emigrated to Amsterdam in 1608 to escape harassment and religious persecution.


1608是什么意思 1608在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的