1978是什么意思 1978在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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1978是什么意思 1978在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

  1. She tends to her farm with the help of her children. In 1978, she realises she wants more from life. Age 68, she signs up for a tennis class at the nearest community college.


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  2. Liou Ni was born in 1978 in Italy mother in the kitchen of the restaurant.


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  3. Technician Changzhi College, Changzhi City School senior technicians are from Changzhi municipal government approved the establishment of a public school, founded in 1978 and reorganized from the former industrial technical school in Changzhi City, (later renamed as follows: Changzhi City Craft School).


  4. Multiple cropping index in 1952 was 130.9%, since the 1960s intercropping/under-cropping system has been adopted and become a very popular practice, so MCI increased to 151% in 1978, thus resulting a higher crop yield per hectare.


  5. The most important species over the period 1978-83 was Dunlin (1%).


  6. By 1978, Bacardi Rum had become the number one best selling spirit brand in the United States!


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  7. In+a+study+I+published+in+1978+with+Claire+Goss, +for+example, +we+taught+a+disruptivehgrade+boy+to+rate+his+own+classroom+behavior+twice+a+day.


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  8. In+a+study+I+published+in+1978+with+Claire+Goss, +for+example, +we+taught+a+disruptive5+fifthgrade+boy+to+rate+his+own+classroom+behavior+twice+a+day.


  9. Was established in Hunan in 1978, domestic coal production of vanadium pentoxide vanadium business.


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  10. Webster P J%Yang Song Monsoon and ENSO selectively interactive systems, Quart 10.1002/qj.49711850705 Journal of Royal Meteorology Society, 1992, null

  陈烈庭%阎志新青藏高原冬春季积雪对大气环流和我邦南方汛期降水的影响 1978年水文景色预告计划会文集北京:水利电力出书社,1978,null

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  11. In the long-run, the provinces which are poorer than their physical neighbors are more than the ones which are richer than their physical neighbors, which illustrates that one rich province many affect little on many poor physical neighbors of them positively; (4) in the three regions of Middle, East and West, it was convergent from 1978 to 1995, but it disappeared from 1995 to now.


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  12. Finally, from 1978 to 1999, a major restoration of the painting took place.


  13. Chest wall prosthesis; ; chest wall reconstruction; ; biomaterials; ; biodegradable material; ; polydioxanone; ; collagen; ; hydroxyapatite; ; tissue engineering; ;BMSCs; ; BMP

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  14. L. (1978). The Scientific Basis of the A r t o f Teaching.


  15. Union of Danish Art Museums: Nr. Madsbadvej 6, 7884 Fur, tel. 97-59-35-66; f.1978; Chair.- Nina Damsgaard.


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  16. During 1952-1958, 7 cases of primary malignant lymphomas of the breast were filed, an incidence of 0.22% of 3, 247 primary malignant breast tumors seen during the same period.


  17. The China of 1949 to 1978 looked nothing like the China of 1979 to 2009, and there are powerful reasons to believe that 2010 to 2040 will be very different again.

  是以,有健旺的原由确信2010-2040 年中邦的发扬又会绝顶差异。

  18. The following quote from Jacoby and Chestnut (1978) appears as relevant today as it did 15 years ago

  以下引自比和板栗( 1978 )显示,时至今日,它正在15年前

  19. They were married in 1978 and had a daughter the following year.


  20. 1978的趣味

  20. Neolithic, ceramic painting, high-47cm, diameter 32.7cm.临汝County, Henan Province in 1978 Yan village unearthed Neolithic Yangshao Culture is a type of陶缸painted stork title fish, next to the erection of a stone screen, the author in the coarse white terracotta of the cylinder wall drawing stork, fish, stone axes to heavy solid black line triggering stork eyes, fish and stone structure, the effect of rough powerful screen, painting with the Chinese characteristics of ancient times modeling is a rare art treasures.


1978是什么意思 1978在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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