GPM是什么意思 GPM在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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GPM是什么意思 GPM在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. For the irrigation system without central control system or subcontrol boxes, the flow control depend on the operators. The coefficient of the flow can be 0.6, the flow of pump station is 1573 GPM.

  61548;没有装备主题把持编制的也没有场合分控箱的手动喷灌编制,其流量的把持依赖阀门操作工人的操作程度,因而总流量的系数能够取0.6,即泵站流量为1573 GPM

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  2. However, each installation should be evaluated for its own recirculation requirements of gpm and pipe resistance.


  3. Single unit flow rates to 1320 gpm?

  单台摆设科管束1320 gpm流量?

  4. GPM.的近义词

  4. Up to 31, 000 gpm in a single housing!

  高达31,000 gpm的正在一个简单的衡宇!

  5. It is the complex implementation process that arouses many researches on the problem of implementation of GPM.


  6. Pump at a rate of 2 GPM maximum.

  以比率的泵2 GPM最大。

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  7. The valve shall be capable of flow rate in excess of 50 gpm.


  8. Finally, it investigate QF-ring with right gpm-injective, and obtain the following theorem:Theorem The following statements are equivalent:(1) R is quasi-Frobeniusean ring:(2) R is right noetherian, left pm-injective ring, right pm-injective ring; (3) R is right noetherian, left pm-injective ring, right GP-injective ring; (4) R is right noetherian, left gpm-injective ring, right gpm-injective ring; (5) R is right noetherian, right gpm-injective ring and each right minimal ideal is right annihilator.

  终末用右gpm-内射对QF环实行推敲,取得了如下定理:定理下列条目等价:(1) R是quasi-Frobeniusean环;(2) R是右Noether,左pm-内射环,右pm-内射环:(3) R是右Noether,左pm-内射环,右GP-内射环;(4) R是右Noether,左gpm-内射环,右gpm-内射环;(5) R是右Noether,右gpm-内射环且每个极小右理念是右零化子。

  9. In this paper, we introduce a new Generalized Profiling Method to study the estimation of parameters in the 2-species predator-prey model.

  本文引进一种新型的广义轮廓法(generalized profiling method,简称GPM)推敲了两种群食饵—捕食者模子的参数臆想题目。

  10. I would shop for a dual basket(1 standby) with bag (100micron) in the 70gpm recirc line before the heat exchanger.

  我念进货双篮( 1备用)与袋( 100micron )正在70gpm recirc线前换热器。

  11. All torque values are GPM是什么意思 GPM在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 theoretical, performance specifications are estimated maximums.

  gpm 统统扭矩值是外面值,机能规格是臆想的最大值。

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  12. Working pressure is 120 bar /1, 800 psi and flow-rate/pressure drop is 1 bar at 1500 l /min, 1.45 psi at 396 GPM US.

  事业 压力为 120bar/1,800psi 。压降为 1bar 时,流量为 1500l /min 。

  13. The Jet Snake Rooter combines Cable and head cutting strength with high pressure cleaning at 1100 PSI and 1.9 GPM wash away efficiency.

  蛇形发掘水枪钻头贯串缆索和切割钻头,具有高达1100 PSI的水压压强和每小时431公升的喷射量,可能有用肃清淤塞物。

  14. Gena Segno is the managing director of programs and training and has been with GPM for over five years.

  Gena Segno 是教务和培训总监,依然正在金瑰宝事业越过五年了。

  15. Cv=Flow in GPM of water at 1 psi pressure drop.

  Cv=正在压降1 psi下的流量,单元为美制加仑/分钟

  16. There are generally flow controls on the brine refill mechanism and they can range from 0.25 to.05 gpm.


  17. Find the pressure drop across a 11/2 PVC Ball Check Valve with a water flow rate of 50 gpm.

  求通过DN40通径PVC球形止回阀的压降,水流量为50 gpm。

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  18. The mist pump is a single acting triplex liquid injection pump rated for 1500 PSI at a maximum flow rate of 62 GPM with 2 plungers.


  19. Gross profit GPM =sales Return on assets measures how efficiently the firms assets are being used to generate profits.


  20. The GPM adopts the component theory as theoretical base, so it can reflect the influence of transition of stress path, and eliminate the mistake that the direction of plastic strain increments is independent of the stress increment;


GPM是什么意思 GPM在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解