heat是什么意思 heat在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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heat是什么意思 heat在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

  1. 把…加热;使升温

  When you heat something, you raise its temperature, for example by using a flame or a special piece of equipment.


  e.g. Meanwhile, heat the tomatoes and oil in a pan.

  同时,正在平底锅里将西红heat是什么意思 heat在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的柿和油加热。

  e.g. ...a gas that absorbs the suns energy and heats the air above it.


  2. 热;高温

  Heat is warmth or the quality of being hot.

  e.g. The seas store heat and release it gradually during cold periods...


  e.g. Its leaves drooped a little in the fierce heat of the sun.


  3. 燥热;高温气象

  The heat is very hot weather.

  e.g. As an asthmatic, he cannot cope with the heat and humidity...


  e.g. This heat is killing me.


  4. 温度;热度

  The heat of something is the temperature of something that is warm or that is being heated.

  e.g. Warm the milk to blood heat...


  e.g. Adjust the heat of the barbecue by opening and closing the air vents.


  5. 热源;炉灶;暖气

  You use heat to refer to a source of heat, for example a cooking ring or the heating system of a house.

  e.g. Immediately remove the pan from the heat...


  e.g. Some apartment buildings dont have their heat turned on till the end of this week.


  6. 猛烈的激情;(尤指)怨愤,煽动

  You use heat to refer to a state of strong emotion, especially of anger or excitement.


  e.g. It was all done in the heat of the moment and I have certainly learned by my mistake...


  e.g. Look here, I said, without heat, all I did was to walk down a street and sit down.


  7. (某行径)最激烈的时期

  The heat of a particular activity is the point when there is the greatest activity or excitement.

  e.g. Last week, in the heat of the election campaign, the Prime Minister left for America.


  8. 预赛;分组赛

  A heat is one of a series of races or competitions. The winners of a heat take part in another race or competition, against the winners of other heats.

  e.g. ...the heats of the mens 100m breaststroke.


  9. (雌性动物)正正在发情(美邦英语中作 in heat)

  When a female animal is on heat in British English, or in heat in American English, she is in a state where she is ready to mate with a male animal, as this will probably result in her becoming pregnant.

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heat是什么意思 heat在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的