1601是什么意思 1601在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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1601是什么意思 1601在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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  1. Themain contents of this dissertation are as follows:(1) The quality analytiedal results of chitosan are as follows: water for 15.205%; degree of deacetylation 92.671%; the weight average relative molecular weight ofchitosan 195900; the viscosity average relative molecular weight of chitosan 194100; and the decomposing temperature 298℃. The infrared ray IR spectra of chitosanshows that the feature-absorbing band of chitosan amido was 1601cm~(-1), that ofβ-indican bond was 986cm~(-1). The results of the X-ray diffraction of chitosan indicatesthat its degree of deacetylation and degree of crystal are both big.


  2. 1601是什么意义

  2. The story happened in 1601. What happened then?

  正在这里What 做主语,这是一个主谓布局。

  3. 1601的翻译

  3. According to meticulous notes kept by Jean Héroard, the French court physician, the young Louis XIII, born in 1601, was not given a bath until he was almost seven.

  凭据法邦御医Jean Héroard小心谨慎的记实,1601年出生的途易斯八世7岁前也没能洗一次澡。

  4. 1601的翻译

  4. Million, per capita net income of farmers 3, 711 yuan, 6272.4 tons of grain production, cotton production in 2119 tons, 1601 tons of fruit production, meat production of 945 tons, 67.26 million yuan at current prices of agricultural GDP.

  万元,农人人均纯收入3711元,粮食产量6272.4吨,棉花产量2119吨,生果产量1601吨,肉类产量945吨,现价农业总产值 6726万元。

  5. Of the Jacobean kings in England.


  6. 1601是什么意义

  6. The transformation of Ri T DNA was examined through high voltage paper electrophoresis. Results The hairy root was originally obtained from E. prostrata. The result of high voltage paper elctrophoresis confirmed the transformation of T DNA from Ri plasmid to the hairy root.

  结果 初度行使发根农杆菌A4,R1601,ATCC15834 3种菌株凯旋地从墨旱莲中诱志出毛状根;经高压纸电泳检测,墨旱莲毛状根中含有甘露碱,讲明Ri质粒的T-DNA已整合进毛状根中。

  7. The Preachers established themselves in Japan (1601), in Tonking (1676), and in the Island of Formosa.

  讲道确立我方正在日本( 1601 ),正在tonking ( 1676 ),并正在岛上的福尔摩沙。

  8. The Poor Laws that were in place by 1601 were the basis for the governments policy for the next 200 years.

  贫民的司法,正在地方是由 1601 年是政府的将来 200 年策略的根基。

1601是什么意思 1601在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

  9. Decoder source of the 1601 LCD, for reference use, and improve efficiency.


  10. Company employees 1601 people, with all kinds of high, middle, junior engineers and technicians, and management and technical personnel and modern more than 150 large and medium construction equipment.


  11. On October 30, A-share market to a total of 1601 the company disclosed 2008 Report on the performance of the third quarter.


  12. Barley greatly reduced his output from 1601 to 1605, publishing only six works.


  13. There are three kinds of phenotype of hairy roots in Pueraria lobata which induced by Agrobacterium rhizogene 1601 and grew in vitro on hormone-free solid MS medium: phenotype Ⅰ had numorous lateral roots on both sides of primary root and with marked apical dominance; phenotype Ⅱ had numorous lateral roots on both sides of primary root but without apical dominance, no differences was found between primary root and lateral roots; phenotype Ⅲ had numorous lateral roots just on one side of primary root.


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  14. There were 6310.6m Dennis Trident in NWFB fleet. 62 of them were fitted with Walter Alexander ALX500 modified version bodyworks and entered service in the mid. of 1999. While the remaining one, fleet no. 3601, was fitted with Duple Metsec standard height bodyworks.


  15. The Phoenix and the Turtle, printed in Robert Chesters 1601 Loves Martyr, mourns the deaths of the legendary phoenix and his lover, the faithful turtle dove.

  The Phoenix and the Turtle,印制于罗伯特切斯特1601年的Loves Martyr,悲哀凤凰传说的消灭和他的恋人。

  16. 1601的反义词

  16. Renaissance:(1275~1601)Late medieval cultural movement in Europe that brought renewed interest in Classical learning and values.


  17. Renaissance:(1275~1601)Late medieval cultural movement in Europe that brought renew ed interest in Classical learning and values.


  18. The optimum temperature for 1601—L—1 growth was at 25℃. More than 35℃, hairy root growth and cell division were heavenly stopped.


  19. Summing up the above, vegetative agriculture is a new form of agricultural structure, it plays an important role in solving the environmental problems such as soil erosion, stony desertification in Karst area.


  20. And got fully established after World War II after more than 300 year`s development.


1601是什么意思 1601在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的