121是什么意思 121在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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121是什么意思 121在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. The influence of different calculation methods and basis sets of Au on the calculation results were also discussed systematically.

  对估计打算结果剖析剖明,分歧估计打算伎俩对Au配合物机合和二阶NLO系数影响较大,其顶用研讨电子干系效应的DFT-B3LYP和MP2伎俩优化获得的Au—P配键长比用HF伎俩的短,相应的二阶NLO系数比HF伎俩的大2倍把握;统一估计打算伎俩下,Au基组中 d 轨道个数扩大优化获得的Au—P配键键长减小;跟着Au基组的增大,前列分子轨道能级差减小,个中SDD和CEP-121G基组之间的变革更分明。

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  2. Article121 The actuaries to be employed by an insurance company shall have been acknowledged by the insurance supervision and administration department and the insurance companies shall establish an actuarial report system.


  3. Despite the introduction of this provision has been part of last year, developers of reproach, but as the situation develops, especially in the country recently and gradually increased the crack-down on the real estate market, and 121 document the beginning of the forward-looking and scientific universally affirmed by the market.


  4. The growth of winter wheat seedlings was not affected because of providing of nutrient by wheat seed. Stimulated by P deficiency, biomass of wheat increasing lightly rise 21 and 34 percent compare to full nutrient when At reach 5085 ℃·h and 6051 ℃·h, respectively.

  小麦正在磷挟制的环境下,滋长初期因为种子内部蓄积营养的影响,并没有受到影响;跟着种子内部营养的花消,缺磷初期刺激小麦滋长,生物量略有上升,积温正在5085121是什么意思 121在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解℃·h和6051℃·h时,缺磷生物量划分是对比的121%和134%。

  5. Attend to be at the hands of sb.

  正在某方面有困苦干某事有困苦吸收教训对…掌管,对…担任仔肩想法获得因某事与或人会面照料/照看/迎接顾客正在或人手中受磨折往昔/一度顺次/每次疑似病例防护服得出结论对…持批判立场正在合意的机缘带着…的宗旨进口税弄懂使念起,指点 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 94 95 96 97 believe in oneself more of A than B 对本人有相信不像 B 而更具有 A 127 128 的特质 a desperate criminal be honest with sb。

  6. The preferred method is to autoclave for 1 h at 121°C; disposables should be autoclaved or incinerated.

  最好的伎俩是正在 121°C 高压蒸气灭菌1小时。一次性用品应高压蒸气灭菌或点燃。

  7. Lin pointed out that 121 people shocked smooth after the reversion, the short-term changes brought about by the developers is a long-term rational thinking.


  8. This is the real estate industry after 121 documents an important source of funds.


  9. In 1857121 new colonists arrived and found the local natives to be friendly.


  10. 121 I do what is fair and right.


  11. 121

  11. Meiyui 121. I cant make it.


  12. In his worst game of the season, he finished 14 of 32 for 121 yards and 2 interceptions.


  13. The rectification of the real estate market, but also for the consolidation of state-owned banks.


  14. The separation plants of 121 strains type 2(superscript #) and type 7(superscript #) in Hunan were determined.


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  15. 121 By the end of Killer, I Corps had re-occupied all territory south of the Han, while IX Corps had captured Hoengsong.

  此次举止由李德薇激劝下得以克复士气的美军第八军担任,对中邦和朝鲜戎行策动了大领域的一共攻击,博得了强盛的得胜-到了此次举止收场时,美军第十军团仍旧从头攻下了汉江以南一齐的疆土,而这时美军第 IX 军团也从头攻下了砥平里。

  16. Invested in innovations such as Shenzhen Coship Electronics (now 002, 052 shares, prices, information, the main trading) projects received nearly 30 times 6 years of returns, in Sinoma Science and Technology (now 002, 080 shares, prices, information, the main trading), Section Lu Electronics (now 002, 121 shares, prices, information, the main trading), Yuanwang Valley (now 002, 161 shares, prices, information, the main trading) and other projects have a very good income.

  如深圳改进投正在同洲电子(002052 股吧,行情,资讯,主力生意)项目上得回了6年近30倍的回报、正在中材科技(002080 股吧,行情,资讯,主力生意)、科陆电子(002121 股吧,行情,资讯,主力生意)、远望谷(002161 股吧,行情,资讯,主力生意)等项目上均有很好的收益。

  17. Furthermore, 19 out of 1, 121 samples were applied to electron microscopy with ultrathinsection examination, and 3 samples were applied to immunogel method on immunogold examination. A total of 15 viridaes were observed, including Paramyxoviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Rhabdoviridae and Circoviridae. These virus pictures are archived as references for future diagnosis.


  18. However, with the central bank tightening real estate finance document 121 introduced, land costs and demolition costs of rapidly rising real estate developer`s own funds required to achieve 40%-50% have the ability to start the project smoothly.

  然而,跟着重心银行紧缩房地产金融文献121先容,土地本钱和拆迁本钱的神速扩大房地产开辟商的自有资金务必到达40 %-50 %有才华启动这一项目发扬顺遂。

  19. The annual value of the annona must then have exceeded 121/2 million solidi or nearly 8 million sterling.


  20. It recently showed up in the newly launched Global Peace Index`s ranking of 121 nations.


121是什么意思 121在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解