801是什么意思 801在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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801是什么意思 801在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. I set up an experimental 801 amplifier.


  2. C. Administration of ketamine and MK-801 inior region symmetrical to the bee venom injection site on the contralateral hindpaw produced no change in the nociceptive behaviors, suggesting that the analgesic actions of keramme and MK-8Ol were not the result of systemic effects.


  3. The most agreeable conditions that Phanerochaete Chrysosporium produce manganese peroxidase was established. Under static culture condition, the optimum culture components by optimizing culture which produce manganese peroxidase showed as blow(L-1): Glucose 10g, ammonium tartrate 2mmol, Tween 801g, acetate buffer (pH4.0) lOmmol, VB11mg, Mn2+ 9.9×10~6 g. The culture temperature was 34℃.

  黄孢原毛平革菌产锰过氧化物酶最适条款确凿定正在静置培育条款下,通过对产酶培育基的优化,取得最优构成为L~(-1:葡萄糖10g,酒石酸铵2mmol,吐温80 1g,醋酸缓冲液10mmol(pH4.0),V_(B1) 1mg,,Mn~(2+)9.9×10~(-6)g。

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  4. Because of its low cost, configuration flexibility, and compact program code, the 56F801 is well-suited for many applications.


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  5. Jeda 801 image analysis system was used to measure the number and optical density value of the hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells stained by Nissl and optical density of synaptophysin immuno-production.


  6. A cold snap in Ukraine early last year left 801 people dead.


  7. The method of expanding Siemens PLC S7 - 200 I/ O modules by using ICP DAS I - 7000 module is presented.

  因为西门子数控编制801、802S 的接口比拟独特,供应专用型号驱动器来接这两种西。。。

  8. China lifted its Treasury holdings by $38 billion in May to a total $801.5 billion, cementing its stronghold as the U. S.s biggest creditor and increasing its importance for U. S. policy makers.


  9. The high-lift features of the design give the STOL CH 801 its excellent short take-off and landing capability.

  高扬程的特征安排,让stol的CH 801 ,其良好的短距升空和着陆的才能。

  10. Aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz designed the STOL CH 801 to provide the best in performance, cost, reliability and ease of construction in a four-seat utility light aircraft design.

  航空工程师克里斯heintz安排stol的CH 801 ,供应最佳的功能,本钱,牢靠性和易用性修筑,正在四个议席公用工作轻型飞机的安排。

  11. 801 If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable.


  12. The 801 is a reminder of a gentler time.


  13. 801 Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.


  14. E# 801 If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable.


  15. 801 To my astonishment, she passed the band 6 with a high mark.


  16. 801的乐趣

  16. ElGI Not until last week did I get a work permit.


  17. The result showed that the value of unlevered firm of project was 599.50 millions RMB. Plus the value of tax shield, the net value of the project was 801.83 millions RMB.

  结果显示项目无财政杠杆代价为69950 万元公民币,加上欠债的税盾代价,本项宗旨投资净现值为 80183 万元公民币。

  18. 801

  18. Secondly, we explored if 15% TBSA full thickness burn injury could result 801是什么意思 801在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 in NMDA receptor over excitation of central nervous system using patch clamp technique. Thirdly, we investigated the effects of NMDA receptor blockad(with NMDA receptor antagonist MK-801) on serum proinflammatory cytokine level following severe burn.

  以30% TBSA Ⅲ度烧伤为主要创伤模子,操纵ELISA格式检测激活NMDA受体对血清炎性细胞因子TNF-α、IL-1β、IL6程度的影响;通过膜片钳技能检测主要创伤能否导致大鼠神经元NMDA受体的太过怒放;再查看阻断NMDA受体能否逼迫主要烧伤后血清炎性细胞因子TNF-α、IL-1β、IL6程度的上升。

  19. Developed for the inexperienced first-time builder and demanding pilot, the STOL CH 801 is designed to be easy to build and to maximize flight performance and efficiency, using simple all-metal semi-monocoque construction - a system in use for 25 years in Zenair designs.

  开采体会的第偶尔间,修筑者和恳求的试点,stol的CH 801 ,是安排为易于修筑,并最大限制地航行功能和效力,操纵纯洁的全金属半的单体修造-一个轨制,操纵了长达2 5年的正在z enair安排。

  20. I am TD from Sina UC 801 GuaGua English.

  行家好。我是新浪UC 801瓜瓜英语的TD。

801是什么意思 801在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解