FDS是什么意思 FDS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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FDS是什么意思 FDS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. FDS

  1. As an efficient fire dynamics simulator, FDS was limited to construct the rectangular block.


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  2. The safety objective of the fire-resistant partition design is reached by applying the performance-based fire protection ideas. A numerical study on the application of the three schemes is presented by the CFD tool of Fire Dynamics Simulation and the temperature distributions are obtained.


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  3. Among them, -MXT system is the most sensitive, its limits for MXT are 4.1ng/mL for RRS method, 3.8ng/mL for SOS method and 3.6ng/mL for FDS method, respectively.


  4. At the same time, the Second-order Scattering and Frequency-double Scattering are also enhanced obviously. The maximum SOS peaks are at540nm for MXT system, 560nm for EPI system and DNR system, but their maximum FDS peak are at320nm for EPI system, 330 nm for DNR system and 330 nm for MXT system, separately.


  5. This paper explains the organization and working principles of the machine-discovery system PDS that is designed by the author.


  6. FDS

  6. As a result, the spectra of absorption and fluorescence were changed a little, but the resonance Rayleigh scattering was enhanced greatly, and a new RRS spectrum appeared. At the same time, their second-order scattering and frequency doubling scattering were also increased. The maximum RRS signals of three ion-association complexes were all located at about 370 nm, and there was another peak near 280 nm. Their maximum scattering peaks were at 530 for SOS and 353 nm for FDS, respectively.

  正在pH 2.5控制的酸性介质中,刚果红与外柔比星、柔红霉素和米托蒽醌等蒽环类抗生素响应酿成离子缔合物时,仅能惹起吸取光谱和荧光光谱的细微变更,但却能导致共振瑞利散射的明显加强并发作新的RRS光谱,与此同时也观看到二级散射和倍频散射的加强。

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  7. If this is a SUID program we make sure that FDs 0, 1, and 2 are

  假若是SUID顺序,确保FD 0,1,2都被分拨,假若务必,咱们我方分拨它们。

  8. The accord rate of pathological diagnosis with FDS was 98%, and with clinical diagnosis was 76%.

  临床诊断与病理诊断合适率为 76.0 %,乳管镜诊断与病理诊断合适率为 98.0 %。

  9. FDS

  9. This is the FDS fire dynamics software source code.


  10. This paper utilizes international fire simulation of the name to analyze software FDS to study the multi-form building, consider setting up the stack effect of the scene of a fire after arranging the transom window naturally, and put into the factor of wind, and analyze that influence of make-up effect in fire.


  11. The paper is concerned about a numerical simulation formulated by its authors aiming to disclose the interactive process of the sprinkling water droplets with the fire plume induced by a wood crib fire in a cabin.


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  12. In order to achieve continuous rate receivable, FDs with wide frequency locking range are developed.


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  13. In this contribution, a model for probabilistic safety assessment of the DLL blanket for FDS -Ⅱ is created and analyzed using the home-developed PSA code RiskA.


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  14. Results Of 548 patients with nipple discharge, the FDS diagnosis was galactophoritis in 59 cases, ductal ectasia in 117 cases, ductal ectasia coexistent with galactophoritis in 185 cases, intraductal papilloma in 159 cases, intraductal papillomatosis in 12 cases and breast carcinoma in 16 cases. One hundred and thirty-five cases had surgical FDS是什么意思 FDS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 therapy in our hospital, among them, 91 cases had tumor resection or segmentectomy under localization by FDS, and 44 cases had segmentectomy after breast duct infusion with methylene blue.

  结果 548例乳头溢液病例中,FDS下诊断为乳管炎59例(10.8%),乳腺导管扩张症117例(21.4%),乳腺导管扩张团结乳管炎185例(33.4%),乳管内乳头状瘤159例(29.0%),乳管内乳头状瘤病12例(2.2%),乳腺癌16例(2.9%)。135例正在我院担当手术调理,此中91例正在FDS定位下行肿瘤切除或区段切除手术,44例按通例经溢液乳管内打针染料美蓝后再行采选性区段切除。

  15. FDs are being lumbered with the senior accounting officer role but, oddly, they`re not protesting


  16. By analyzing the relationships and properties of close sets of temporal types, an algorithm for computing effectively the finite closure of attributes is proposed by using the corresponding algorithm for traditional FDs.


  17. They have specific absorption spectra and there are obvious resonance Rayleigh scattering (RRS), second-order scattering (SOS) and frequency-doubling scattering (FDS) spectra.


  18. The fault diagnosis system (FDS) combines the adaptive learning diagnosis procedure of the ANN and the transparent knowledge representation of the fuzzy system, and simplifies the process of obtaining the ANNs learning sample and establishment the fuzzy inference rules.


  19. The supporter of hydrotreating catalyst (FDS) is mixed high-temperature calcined carriers of diasporite by hydrolysis of alkyl aluminum or alkoxy aluminum and zeolite by cation exchange.


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  20. The fluorescence doped silica nanoparticles (FDS NP) were synthesized in a microemulsion system of polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether (OP 10)/cyclohexane/ammonium hydroxide.


FDS是什么意思 FDS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解