531是什么意思 531在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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531是什么意思 531在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. Hello please call me when you are not too busy - I am waiting for you to call.

  最佳谜底:你好,即使不那么忙了,请给我打电话。我不停等你电话。531 8606 8888 房间号4017。

  2. Of the 531 complaint cases screened-in for handling, 385 were completed during the reporting year.

  至於余 下的3%则不属私隐条例的管辖局限。

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  3. If you wanner come to Shandong in 2008, please call0086-531-87027736 or mobil 0086-13953172273!Inbond Dept. of JNCTS will supply good service for you!


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  4. However, in the case of Zn2+, the secondary amine conjugated to 1, 8-naphthalimide could be deprotonated, and fluorescence emission red-shifted from 531 nm to 558 nm.

  而正在锌离子的效用下同样可能发作共轭氮原子的脱氢响应,荧光最大发射由531 nm红移至558 nm。

  5. Hyperin was used as standard sample and excitation wavelength and emission wavelength were at 457nm and 531nm respectively to measure flavone content in hawthorn.


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  6. Power station valve design and manufacture of the GLOBE VALVE main design specifications JB/T 3595 DL/T 531 ASME B16.34 Structural length of the GB/T 12221 size JB/T 3595 GB/T12224 ASME B16.25/B16.5 Inspection and Test JB/T3595 MSS SP61 pressure and temperature of the base JB/T3595 ASMEB16.34 three power stations, major pressure valve working pressure rating 200, 250, 320 nominal pressure P 55100V, P 55140V, P 55170V 4, power advantages of valve structure.

  二、电站阀重要策画样板策画与创设 JB/T 3595 DL/T 531 ASME B16.34 布局长度 GB/T 12221 接口连绵尺寸 JB/T 3595 GB/T12224 ASME B16.25/B16.5 查验与试验 JB/T3595 MSS SP61 压力与温度基准 JB/T3 595 ASMEB16.34 三、电站阀重要压力等第公称压力 200、250、320 职业压力P 55 100V、P 55 140V、P 55 170V 四、电站阀布局上风 1。

  7. The implementation of this embedded system platform has more meaning with the application developing on Blackfin processor.


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  8. Of: Robert RYKER Budapest Festivali Zenekara 531, Ivan Fisher, to carry out Suntory Hall - Variations on a Theme of Haydn, Op.

  作家:罗伯特RYKER 布达佩斯Festivali Zenekara 5月31日,伊凡费舍尔展开三得利音乐厅-焦点变奏曲的海顿,作品。

  9. Results 531 cases postoperatively diagnosed as endometriotic cyst, 254 cases teratoma, 139 inflammatory masses, 121 serous cystademona, 67 cases mucinous cystadenoma, 128 parovarian, 140 simple ovarian cyst, 3 cases brenner tumor, 1 case borderline mucinous cystadenoma, 1 case mucinous cystadenocarcinoma, 1 case endometrioid carcinoma and 1 case malignant brenner tumor.

  结果术后诊断卵巢内膜异位囊肿 5 3 1例、卵巢畸胎瘤 2 5 4例、炎性肿块 13 9例、卵巢浆液性囊腺瘤 12 1例、卵巢粘液性囊腺瘤 67例、输卵管系膜囊肿 12 8例、卵巢纯朴性囊肿 14 0例、卵巢纤维上皮瘤 3例、粘液性接壤性囊腺瘤 1例、粘液性囊腺癌 1例、卵巢子宫内膜样癌 1例、卵巢恶性纤维上皮瘤 1例。

  10. At the same time, on the basis of analyzing the contactless IC card`s working process and RC531`s operating principles, we partition the contactless device driver into the initialization module, the command executing module, the interrupt handler routine, the seeking card module, the card`s power-on and power-off module, as well as read/write operating module, and then implement each module in detail.


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  11. According to the univariate analysis, advanced age, preoperative septic shock, concomitant disease, hemodialysis, diffuse peritonitis, and a low preoperative platelet count were more frequent in the patients who died during hospitalization.


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  12. XPS results show that there are two main peaks, which are associated with C atoms in the perylene rings and acid anhydride groups, located at 284.6 and 288.7eV, respectively, in the C1s spectrum of the original surface. It can be deduced from the emergence of a small peak at 290.4eV in the C1s spectrum that some C atoms are oxidized by O atoms from ITO. The binding energies of O atoms in C=O bonds and C-O-C bonds are 531.5 and 533.4eV respectively.


  13. Benzyl bromide was synthesized from potassium bromide, a by-product from synthesis of 2-hydroxy-4-n-octyloxybenzophenone(UV-531), and benzoic alcohol in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid.


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  14. Results:The result showed that, in the period of 1987-1997, there were 6502 cases with 14 kinds of malignant tumors in this hospital, and 6221 cases with 6 kinds of digestive system tumors, including esophageal, gastric cardia, gastric, colorectal, liver and cholecystic tumors, its percentage in all of tumors was 97.5%; esophageal and gastric cardia cancers stood first and second on the list, 3531 and 1764 cases respectively, their percentage in all of tumors were 81.4%, but other malignant tumorspercentage was very lower.

  结果:11年间该病院共收治14种恶性肿瘤6502例,此中搜罗食管、贲门、胃、肠道、肝和胆囊正在内的6种消化体系肿瘤6221例,占总共恶性肿瘤数的95.7%;食管癌3 531例,贲门癌1764例,共占总共恶性肿瘤数的81.4%,位居前两位;胃癌和肺癌则布列第3位和第7位;宫颈癌、乳腺癌、肝癌、结肠癌等其他常睹恶性肿瘤则仅占很低的百分率。

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  15. We properly blend two or more different type of fibers such as modacrylic/oxidized fiber/aramid fiber/anti-static fiber/anti-odor fiber/nature cotton and so on, to provide our customers with application-driven custom products and thus make our products 531是什么意思 531在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 widely applied to fire-safe children`s wear, protective work wear, flame retardant tactical wear, fire proof car-racing sport wear and heavy duty fire-resistant wear.

  透过种种纤维的得当搭配,咱们所开垦出来的防火阻燃织物不仅具有永远不退之阻燃成就,同时也两全了穿著痛疾性,与其他印染加工弹性等所长,比起古代以 NOMEX 为基材之防火织物有更遍及的使用弹性。本公司织入防火纤维之创设身手已通过各项正经之查验圭表如 EN 531,EN 1149,EN 71,EN 471,EN 470等。

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  16. Power output is rated at 453 horses and 531 pound-feet of torque.


  17. The annual evapotranspiration amounted to 531.4mm accounting for 75.1% of the annual rainfall (707.9 mm).


  18. 531

  18. Culture and Sport Minister Ariel Sharon the United States, the country doctor Yangsheng Tang, 531 Jiajiao life, the international health network, such as economic union in order to Physical and mental health of the public service organization whose mission, Sharon and Web site.


  19. We have a variety of specifications of products, which have the following seven products: M531P polishing machine, STM61355 BELT SANDER, ZCQ Series dust collector, CSL Series Dust Grinding Wheel Machine, HL50~120 mixing floor, HZ20~90 mixing station, PCCP concrete possession of equipment, vertical filament-winding machine and the vertical roller archery and so on.


  20. We ask to put off the time of our payment 3 months later to facilitate the capital turnover.

  我方哀求延迟付款 3 个月,以利资金周转。《商务英语 900 句》Unit 19:保障:531。

531是什么意思 531在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解