few是什么意思 few在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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few是什么意思 few在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. 少数;几个

  You use a few to indicate that you are talking about a small number of people or things. You can also say a very few .


  e.g. I gave a dinner party for a few close friends...


  e.g. We had a few drinks afterwards...


  2. (用于形貌词和限制词后)几个,少数的

  You use few after adjectives and determiners to indicate that you are talking about a small number of things or people.

  e.g. The past few weeks of her life had been the most pleasant she could remember...


  e.g. The leaders are expected to fly to Mecca in the next few days to seal the agreement.


  3. (前面可用 so,too,very 装点)极少的,险些没有

  You use few to indicate that you are talking about a small number of people or things. You can use so, too, and very in front of few .


  e.g. She had few friends, and was generally not very happy...


  e.g. Few members planned to vote for him...


  4. (尤指享有某种机缘等的)少数派,少数

  The few means a small set of people considered as separate from the majority, especially because they share a particular opportunity or quality that the others do not have.

  e.g. This should not be an experience for the few.


  e.g. ...a system built on academic excellence for the few.


  Few and a few are both used in front of the plural of count nouns, but they do not have the same meaning. For example, if you say I have a few friends, this is a positive statement and you are saying that you have some friends. However, if you say I have few friends, this is a negative statement and you are saying that you have almost no friends. You use fewer to talk about things that can be counted. ...fewer potatoes. When you are talking about amounts that cannot be counted, you should use less. ...less meat.

  few 和 a few 都可用于复数可数名词前,但意义并不相似。譬喻,倘使说 I have a few friends,这是个确信陈述,意义是有少少朋侪。然则,倘使说 I have few friends,这便是否认陈述,意义是险些没有朋侪。fewer 用于可数名词前,如fewer few是什么意思 few在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 potatoes (更少的几个土豆)。less 则用正在弗成数名词前,如less meat (更少的肉)。

  5. 少至;仅有;少得惟有

  You use as few as before a number to suggest that it is surprisingly small.

  e.g. One study showed that even as few as ten cigarettes a day can damage fertility...

  一项酌量显示,一天只抽 10 支烟也会损害生育才华。

  e.g. The factory may make as few as 1,500 cars this year.

  本年,工场分娩的小轿车能够惟有 1,500 辆。

  6. 特别的;罕睹的

  Things that are few and far between are very rare or do not happen very often.

  e.g. Successful women politicians are few and far between...


  e.g. In this economic climate new ideas were few and far between.


  7. 不少,相当众(a good few 重要用于英邦英语)

  You use not a few when you are referring to quite a lot of things or people. You can also use a good few in this way, mainly in British English.


  e.g. Ive made this argument, and not a few people would disagree with me...


  e.g. I think a good few of the others were like me, a bit confused.


  8. 喝酒过分;喝众了

  If you say that someone has had a few too many or has had a few, you mean that they have drunk too many alcoholic drinks.


  e.g. A breathalyzer tells you youve a had a few too many.


  9. 不少于;不止

  You use no fewer than to emphasize that a number is surprisingly large.


  e.g. No fewer than thirteen foreign ministers attended the session.

  起码有 13 外洋长出席了这届集会。

few是什么意思 few在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解