123是什么意思 123在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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123是什么意思 123在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. This webpage systematically introduced Tibets macro fungi of 45 families, 175 genera and 588 species, including 415 species of edible fugi, 135 kinds of poisonous fungi, 238 species of medicinal fungi, 168 kinds of fungi which proved to boast anti-cancer medical effect, 188 123是什么意思 123在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 species of ectotrophic mycorrhiza, and 123 species which make trees and wood decomposed and ill.


  2. Issues remain open, 65%(80) were reported during this last period.

  123题目保留怒放,有65 %( 80 )永别报正在这结尾时间。

  3. 123

  3. According to Wang Weis view that what bear bile is used 123 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, and has an irreplaceable role.


  4. Is that 123 of the terminal..

  向来是 123尽头站那的。。

  5. To link to a Post, find the ID of the target post on the Posts administration panel, and insert it in place of the123in this link

  要链接到一篇作品,正在作品料理面板上找到所要链接作品的 ID ,并将它插入到这个链接的123的场所

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  6. Attend to be at the hands of sb.

  正在某方面有贫乏干某事有贫乏汲取教训对…担当,对…担当职守想法获得因某事与或人会见助衬/照看/欢迎顾客正在或人手中受磨难夙昔/一度按次/每次疑似病例防护服得出结论对…持批判立场正在合意的机会带着…的宗旨进口税弄懂使思起,指示 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 94 95 96 97 believe in oneself more of A than B 对本人有自尊不像 B 而更具有 A 127 128 的特质 a desperate criminal be honest with sb。

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  7. For 4-pass HAVAL, we describe a practical attack for finding two-block collisions with 2~(36) computations. Using the more complex message modification technique, the complexity can be improved to 2~(30). In addition, we show that collisions for 5-pass HAVAL can be found with about 2~(123) computations, which is the first attack more efficient than the birthday attack.

  对付4-PassHAVAL,初度给出了一个繁杂度为2~(36)的具有两个音信分组的碰撞,运用更繁杂的音信删改技艺,该攻击的繁杂度不妨消重到2~(30);对付5-pass HAVAL,初度给出了一种优于寿辰攻击的外面攻击技巧,繁杂度小于2~(123)。

  8. Results The reported patients of 2002, 2003 and 2004 were 1920, 123 and 80 respectively.


  9. The results are compared with P123 (PEG1000-PPG4000-PEG1000), PPG4000, and the mixture of PPG4000 and PEG4000 to study the effect of composition and conformation of polymer chain on the interaction between polymer and lamellar liquid crystal.


  10. 123

  10. It says|a woman five feet four|ought to weigh between 110 and 123 pounds.


  11. According to the NAS`s report, one of the problems in end-of-life care is


  12. Year to 2003, whole area GDP by 5.018 billion increase 12.33 billion yuan, GDP of average per capita achieved income of finance of 4680 dollars; to add 1.86 billion yuan by 381 million yuan, grew 5.6 times, net income of farmer average per capita increases 7288 yuan by 4260 yuan, grew 3028 yuan.


  13. Can/May I have extension one-two-three, please?


  14. I am staying in room one-two-three.

  我住正在 123 號房。

  15. Im staying at the Liveville Grand Hotel in room number one-two-three.


  16. 123

  16. Can I have extension one-two-three?


  17. Krishnamurti T N%M Mujumdar Remotely and regionally forced precursory signals of the Indian summer monsoon Abstract of the Paper for the First WMO 1997, 123~127 null, null, null


  18. It is an important developing aspect to study the change of enzyme structure、kinetic and mechanism during the reactions.

  中文落款氧化还原酶的反响机理和细胞固定化筹议副落款外文落款 Study on reaction mechanism of redoxidase and immobilization of cells 论文作家陈筑波导师李树本夏春谷筹议员学科专业物理化学筹议范畴筹议偏向酶催化学位级别博士学位授予单元中邦科学院兰州化学物理筹议所学位授予日期2001 论文页码总数10,123页症结词氧化还原酶酶催化细胞固定化辣根过氧化物酶馆藏号BSLW /2003 /Q814 /3 研商酶正在反响经过中的布局改变、反响动力学及其用意机理是酶催化的一个紧急开展偏向。

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  19. Inasmuch as I see that ye are glad to dwell in this mans house, I commend to you him and his house, that ye depart not at all from his house.

  123:17 ` ,由于我看到你们很安乐住正在这名男人的家,我谨向你对他和他的屋子,而你们脱节不是这回事,从他的屋子。

  20. The results demonstrated that the offspring plants had certain genetic diversity. The pink and the nacarat/saffron plants had the highest genetic diversity. When RP1 or R01 as father or mother was crossed with the other color varieties, their F1 populations had significant segregation chromatogram.


123是什么意思 123在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解