ATS是什么意思 ATS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

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ATS是什么意思 ATS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解

  1. ATs were successfully ablated in 24 patients (96%).


  2. Operator/aircraft shall be approved by 21 November 2007 and that will enable air traffic service providers to plan for orderly RVSM implementation.


  3. ATS belly dance is comprised of different movements, which are then combined together to make the dance flow.


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  4. Compared with the traditional exchange, the ATS belongs to curb exchange with more objects and more promptly flow, and special rules and different type of legal relationship with clients.


  5. 911查问·英语单词

  5. The future, we will make persistent efforts, in good faith with customers from all walks of life friend hand in hand to create our future together my agent the following Division plates; high-quality professional sealing agent technology integration services to the production of one enterprise, the world famous DZ Ding-based Series sealed pieces of the Second, the international famous brand of advanced polymer technology SSI quality three seals, Sweden Terry Fort KDAS Sealing System and a full range of seals (formerly German Pool Xinxia color plate B + S) four, Japan NOK, VALQUA, SAKAGAMI, MEIWA, Eriks five oil seal, such as the Netherlands, Germany MERKEL, CFW, USA PARKER, MPI, CR, Britain DLI, HALLITET six, Italy POLYPAC, FP, ATS, DU, FORSHEDA, TECNOTEX seven, etc., Taiwan NAK, TTO, CTY, LYO, SOG, JENP, EK eight oil seals, etc., aluminum extrusion machine, professional ceramic presses, injection molding machines, die-casting machine, hydraulic machine nine professional seals, import-lei-type, drum-type, V type, TGO/S8-shaped cloth and other objects Series ten seals, Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene series of cell to circle sturt closure, the Pan-Cypriot closure, belt-driven, rail soft belt bearing ring eleven domestic high-quality Y, YX, YA, JA, V, U, O-shaped seal series

  以来,咱们将再接再励,热诚与各界用户同伴联袂协作,共创他日我司代庖以下名牌;优质密封件专业代庖公司技艺效劳临蓐一体化企业一、全邦名牌DZ鼎基系列密封件二、邦际有名SSI品牌进步鸠合物技艺优质密封件三、瑞典特瑞堡密封体系KDAS及全系列密封件四、日本NOK、VALQUA、SAKAGAMI、MEIWA,荷兰ERIKS油封等五、德邦MERKEL、CFW,美邦PARKER、MPI、CR,英邦DLI、HALLITET等六、意大利POLYPAC、FP、ATS、DU、FORSHEDA、TECNOTEX 等七、台湾NAK、TTO、CTY、LYO、SOG、JENP、EK油封等八、铝型材挤压机、专业陶瓷压机、注塑机、压铸机、液压机专业密封件九、进口蕾型、饱型、V型、TGO/S8等各形夹布物系列密封件十、填充聚四氟乙烯系列格来圈、斯特封、泛塞封、导向带、导轨软带、支承环十一邦内优质Y、YX、YA、JA、V、U、O形系列密封件

  6. By analyzing the characteristics of ignition process of gasoline engine, an ATS of ignition parameter based on DSP is presented.


  7. This paper presents a real-time adaptive batch task scheduling mechanism to support the strict deadline requirements of mission-critical applications over time-varying and bursting data streams.


  8. This paper introduces a design scheme of automatic test system based on USB communication technology.



  9. There was no increase in estimated intraoperatie anterior blood loss (228 +/- 213, 183 +/- 136, and 211 +/- 158 mL), estimated blood loss per disc excised (51 +/- 42, 34 +/- 29 and 48 +/- 37 mL), or complications in the ATS groups.

  手术中的前哨失血量没有明显的推广(51 +/- 42,34 +/- 29 和48 +/- 37 mL),并发症也没有推广。

  10. Some key problems in the ATS of aerocraft were studied in the thesis.


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  11. The conventional method used special test device to test the stroke/raster superimposition display, which can't meet the requirements of integration, generalization and standardization of Automatic Test Systems.


  12. ATS

  12. ATS is used for combining the signals organically according to the time sequence of each signal of stroke/raster, thus stroke/raster superimposed display can be generated and tested.


  13. METHODS:The activity of SOD of erythr ocyte, GSH-Px of whole blood and the content of Vitamin C in adrenal glands of r ats are assayed.


  14. The application of external code in the development of software of ATS.


  15. I Acting Companys brands are: Germany B + S, Japan NOK, Japan VALQUA, Italy, ATS, Taiwan DZ, Taiwan LYO, such as Taiwan PROONE.


  16. Th 142. ats all I need.


  17. I had prepared my ATS tyres with traction compound so I was able to pulled away from rest of the field for the first 20 mins and I was on cruise mode on the last 10 mins and won by 2 laps.



  18. In the process, three times as long as a starter, automatic control system ATS是什么意思 ATS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解 by starting successfully accelerating speed device automatically rated speed, and testing to normal after a generator voltage phase signal, the Lord, phase (ATS are when switching system, automatic switching ATS switch between generators).

  正在三次起动流程中,只消一次起动告捷,自控体系通过调速安装主动加快至额定转速,并检测发电机电压平常后,发出合闸信号,主开闭合闸(当配有ATS 主动切换体系时,ATS开闭主动切换到发电机供电)。

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  19. It could implant large enough size of aortic prosthetic valve by patch enlargement of the aortic annulus and implantation of ATS AP prosthetic valve in aortic position in adults who underwent double valve replacement with small aortic annulus, which could improve successful operative rate and long-term effectiveness.

  二尖瓣、主动脉瓣双瓣膜病变伴主动脉瓣环窄小的成人患者正在双瓣膜置换术中采用改革Manouguian法行主动脉瓣环推广成形术纠合应用ATS AP板滞瓣,可置入足够大的人工瓣膜,以降低手术的告捷率和远期疗效。

  20. The cabinet flexible controller is important for PC without external interface and portable computer to construct automatic test system, which is the kernel part of the ATS. USB is a new industry standard embodies the Plug-Play advantage in deed.


ATS是什么意思 ATS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解