fade是什么意思 fade在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

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fade是什么意思 fade在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的

  1. (使)褪色;(使)变灰暗

  When a coloured object fades or when the light fades it, it gradually becomes paler.

  e.g. All colour fades — especially under the impact of direct sunlight...


  e.g. No matter how soft the light is, it still plays havoc, fading carpets and curtains in every room.



  ...a girl in a faded dress.


  ...faded painted signs on the sides of some of the buildings.


  2. (后光)逐步灰暗;(音响)逐步削弱

  When light fades, it slowly becomes less bright. When a sound fades, it slowly becomes less loud.

  e.g. Seaton lay on his bed and gazed at the ceiling as the light faded...


  e.g. The sound of the last bombers engines faded into the distance.


  3. (所审视之物)逐步灰暗,逐步混沌直至没落

  When something that you are looking at fades, it slowly becomes less bright or clear until it disappears.


  e.g. They observed the comet for 70 days before it faded from sight...

  他们侦察了这颗彗星 70 天,直至其徐徐从视线中没落。

  e.g. They watched the familiar mountains fade into the darkness.


  4. 变得不为人小心;变得无足轻重

  If someone or something fades, for example, into the background, they become hardly noticeable or very unimportant.

  e.g. She had a way of fading into the background when things got fade是什么意思 fade在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的 rough...


  e.g. The most prominent poets of the Victorian period had all but faded from the scene.


  5. (追忆)逐步混沌;(情感)逐步变淡;(不妨性)逐步变小

  If memories, feelings, or possibilities fade, they slowly become less intense or less strong.

  e.g. Sympathy for the rebels, the government claims, is beginning to fade...


  e.g. Prospects for peace had already started to fade.


  6. (乐颜)徐徐收敛

  If someones smile fades, they slowly stop smiling.

  e.g. Jay nodded, his smile fading.


  7. 淡出;变得不再引人夺目(直至全部没落)

  When something fades out, it slowly becomes less noticeable or less important until it disappears completely.


  e.g. He thought her campaign would probably fade out soon in any case.


  8. (后光)逐步灰暗;(画面)淡出; (音响)渐弱

  When light, an image, or a sound fades out, it disappears after gradually becoming weaker.

  e.g. Youll need to be able to project two images onto the screen as the new one fades in and the old image fades out.


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fade是什么意思 fade在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的